do you Occasionally experience feeling uncomfortably full, nauseous or bloated after meals?

What is Meal-Triggered Indigestion?

Meal-triggered indigestion describes certain symptoms in the upper belly soon after you start eating, rather than a specific disease. If you experience meal-triggered indigestion you may have occasional symptoms such as:

Upset stomach
Difficulty finishing a meal

Meal-triggered indigestion can be unpredictable, uncomfortable and exhausting. It can significantly impact your daily life.

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What Causes Meal-Triggered Indigestion, and Where Do the Symptoms Occur in the Digestive System?

The underlying cause of meal-triggered indigestion is not well understood. It occurs in the upper belly, above the navel. In meal-triggered indigestion, the stomach does not expand normally in response to a meal which means the food eaten backs up in the stomach and in the upper part of the small intestine, which may impact the process of movement of food through the digestive tract.

FDgard® capsules are designed to deliver a unique combination of caraway oil and l-Menthol (the key active component of peppermint oil) to the site of disturbance – to help manage your occasional symptoms.

Supportive Approaches to Meal-Triggered Indigestion

Suggested initial approaches to help manage your occasional abdominal symptoms:

Dietary Suggestions

Speak to your healthcare provider or dietitian for recommendations regarding diet modification. You may need to reduce your meal sizes and avoid certain foods which trigger your symptoms such as those that are acidic, spicy, fatty or gas producing.

Lifestyle Suggestions

Healthcare providers may recommend stress management, cognitive behavioral therapy, regular exercise, elimination of smoking, and other lifestyle changes. Consult your healthcare provider to discuss how lifestyle changes can help with your occasional symptoms.

Herbal Alternatives

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Consult your healthcare provider for herbal options/to discuss herbal options to help manage meal-triggered indigestion.

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