Clinical Data


Five randomized, placebo-controlled studies of over 700 patients1,2 demonstrated that a combination of caraway oil and peppermint oil (primary component: l-Menthol) is highly effective in reducing the symptoms of FD. For the Coon study, click here.

In one randomized, placebo-controlled study of 96 patients with Functional Dyspepsia3, subjects were given either enteric-coated capsules containing a fixed combination of 90 mg peppermint oil and 50 mg caraway oil (one capsule twice daily for 28 days) or placebo. For the May study, click here.

On day 29, the average intensity of abdominal pain was reduced by 40% vs. baseline in the active arm and by 22% in the placebo arm (P=0.0003) vs. Placebo.

With respect to pressure, heaviness and fullness, a 43% reduction was observed in the active arm compared to a 22% reduction for subjects in the placebo arm (P=0.0005).

With respect to GCI (Global Clinical Impressions), 67% of subjects in the active arm described their improvement as very much improved/much improved vs. 21% taking placebo (P=0.00005).


Dr. Arai

“What I like about FDgard® is it’s very safe, very easy to access...It’s very effective, and I find that it works early on.”

Dr. Shanmugam

“FDgard® [has] very minimal side effects and is easily accessible over the counter.”


“One will do anything to feel better, so my husband and I went to CVS/pharmacy and luckily found one remaining box on the shelf, I bought it, took it that afternoon and again the next morning. To my surprise and amazement, I felt great within a short time, and continued feeling wonderful.”

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